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August 2021 Newsletter

What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time, we were limiting social contact not just because of Covid, but smoke from the awful fires near our area! Now, I am SOOOO happy to have had a successful TREE themed art show in conjunction with docent lead tree walks at Holbrook Palmer Park. A hearty 'Thank you' to all who submitted their work, helped and visited this event. It was definitely worth all your effort and energy. Not only was Botanical Art featured, we had Bonsai, photography, watercolors, pastels, textiles, charcoal, pencil & cyanotype all featuring the beauty of trees! Outdoors on Sunday afternoon there were many displays and exhibits to visit along with docent lead tree walks, thanks to the efforts of Betsy Colby and Sally Bentz. Francesca Reyes, from the Town Offices created the beautiful flyers that were placed through out the park advertising the event. The gentlemen of MCE worked hard setting up and securing the show. I think this event was what Ms Evans had in mind when her dream was to create a community of artists in Atherton! Thank you EVERYONE!!


Looking forward to late 2022 or early 2023, wouldn't it be great to have another ALL COMMUNITY themed art show of 'The Many Seasons in a Park' (not limited to fauna and foliage…think sports, exercise, age…!). This gives all of the artists a year to draw, photograph, create, tweak and think about the theme! This will be an ongoing project, so sharpen your pencils, ready your cameras, and stabilize your easels! (And spread the word!)


I'd like to create a committee of Education within AAF. I'd love a mix of artists on this committee to share information about their passion & desires as well as keep a 'pulse' on art needs within the community. If you're interested, please contact me. I realize due to Covid protocol, we may not be able to act on all ideas immediately, but let's start a 'wish list'…shows (themes), classes, meet-ups, lectures, demonstrations, etc.!

I'm always on the look out for artists, authors, and let's add musicians and related clubs to our contact list!!!

POTENTIAL NEW Botanical Art STUDENTS, Thank you for your interest! I plan on offering beginning Botanical Art in colored pencil mid September. There will be a Wednesday class as well as a Saturday class. All supplies for the class will be provided. The only thing you need to bring is your wonderful self and a smile! (and your own lunch) Please stay tuned, a flyer will be mailed soon.


Audubon California will be hosting Q & A on Native Plants for Birds on Tuesday, September 7, at 10 am PST. Check their website for registration for this event.

CAROLINE MUSTARD has just completed her second book, “The Joy of Drawing, Perspective Made Easy”…authored by 2 Brits who love to draw!

MARYJO KOCH has her (Zoom) fall schedule out: Here's her September offerings. Check her website for more information!

  • September 4 INTRODUCTION TO GOUACHE Learn my techniques on painting with gouache. Learn about the materials, paints, brushes, paper, etc. This is helpful for beginners especially for the classes that I will be teaching on Zoom.

  • September 5 PAINT A SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY WITH A BROKEN WING Learn how to paint this butterfly with a wing will still be beautiful!

  • September 11 PAINT A BROKEN BIRD EGG OR SEVERAL This is helpful to learn if you are going to be painting a bird's nest. We can paint a small clutch and even though the eggs are broken...they will still look beautiful!

  • September 12 PAINT A BROKEN SEA SHELL Despite a piece of the shell is is still lovely to paint. It doesn't loose it's Character... the beauty of the Shell is still there!

  • September 18 PAINT A COLLECTION OF RUSTY NAILS AND OTHER LOST HARDWARE Learn how to paint a surface that has turned rusty.

  • September 19 PAINT A SMALL PIECE OF BROKEN MARBLE Even though the marble is broken it still has a lovely surface that is artistically beautiful to paint! By learning how to paint its surface you will be able to use this technique when you want to paint an object displayed on the piece of marble.

  • September 25 PAINT A SMALL COLLECTION OF SEA GLASS The imperfection here has turned to beauty...a piece of broken glass tumbles itself around in the ocean, then arrives on the sandy shore as a glass pebble, or stone, all perfectly polished!

  • September 26 PAINT A DRIED AUTUMN LEAF THAT IS FRAYED Despite this Autumn leaf's beauty in color, the imperfections make it a more interesting leaf to paint!

GAMBLE GARDEN CENTER is open and there are lovely fall blooms…it's worth a visit and a leisurely stroll through the gardens.


Relax the rest of the month, and acknowledge your hard work related to the show, 'well done'!

September 4th, Clean up, clean out and FINISH your drawings! Bring in all those incomplete projects and finish 'em!

September 8 & 11 and 15 & 18 TBA…but think 'Back to School' and 'Let's start at the Beginning!' All levels are welcome! There will be beginning worksheets/project as well as a 'challenge' for experienced artists.

Individual flyers for the Botanical Art classes will be sent shortly. (OR visit our new website for the latest information on classes)

Once again, thank you all for your interest, enthusiasm and encouragement! Stay well and keep drawing,

Dorothy Hunter

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